Frequently Asked Questions about the Overlander film fest

What is the Overlander Film Fest?

The Overlander Film Fest is a worldwide film competition and presentation of short and long-form films based on authentic overland-style adventures. From the weekend warrior to the epic trip down to Baja or beyond, this Film Fest is dedicated to filmmakers who want to inspire, educate, and entertain the overland community and lifestyle.
The Overlander Film Fest is a recognition of storytelling and filmmaking amidst the backdrop of overlanding and adventure travel.

When is the film submission period?

August 1 – 31, 2020

How long should my film be?

The Overlander Film Fest Categories include:
Short-form: 3 to 5 minutes;
Long-form: Between 5 and 12 minutes; and
Junior: Open to anyone under 17 years of age, and under 5 minutes.

How do I submit my film?

Head over to Film Freeway to enter.

What are the submission requirements?

Head over to our Submission Rules page for full details.

Can I also share my video on my YouTube channel?

The film that you submit must be exclusive to the Overlander Film Fest and can’t be released elsewhere until October 19, 2020. This is standard practice for international film festivals. After October 19, you can share it anywhere you like! 

How are the films judged?

For us, it’s simple. The best story wins.

Will there be awards?

Yes! They will be announced in the coming weeks and we promise you the Grand Prize is epic.

Will there be a live viewing event?

Yes! Well, kind of. More details are coming. However, we have come up with what we think is a great alternative to a large public event so stay tuned!

Will anyone be able to attend the “unique” live event?

Yes! The more the merrier. Tickets will be available later this summer with options available for people all over the world.

Still have questions?

Please send Film Fest specific questions to